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The purpose of Third Eye

May 1, 2011

The purpose of this blog is simple: to provide me, Dr Mark Burnley, with an outlet for all the things I want to say which don’t fit anywhere else but on a personal blog.  Some of the content you’ll find here relates to my work as a scientist.  Some of this, I hope, will include opinions that provide an insight into what it is to be a scientist.  Scientists, in the UK at least, spend much of their time on teaching and administration. I want to keep that aspect of my job relatively quiet.  This is not because these things are not interesting, but rather because talking about them can easily descend into a rant or trespass upon information that I, my students or my employer would consider confidential.  I don’t want to use this blog to rant, because 140 characters is plenty for that purpose. If you want to read my ranting, the Twitter feed is to your right.

Although this will not be a place for ranting, I will on occasion deal with stupidity and idiocy as it relates to science in general, and the life sciences associated with my expertise in particular.  This expertise is primarily human exercise physiology (although I have some knowledge of exercise performance in equids and other species that make interesting physiological case studies).  I have one example to whet your appetite in this regard.  Creationism or intelligent design is a stupid idea.  If you doubt that, ask yourself this question: if we were designed by an intelligent designer, why did that designer not give humans the best lungs in nature?  And you get no prizes for saying something about sin because all mammals have this inferiority, and in horses this is especially problematic.

I will describe and discuss pseudoscience, quackery, and contrarianism if I feel I have something interesting to say about them, although I know there are many better blogs to visit for that.  I may even choose to say very little about things you might expect me to say a lot about, like supposedly performance-enhancing wrist bands.  Some of these “performance-enhancers” are so stupid that commenting on them is a criminal waste of a blogger’s effort to debunk them.  In that instance, I would simply write a short post illustrating why the topic caused me to slap, rather than scratch, my third eye.  I intend to spend much more time on this blog on topics that lead me, and I hope you the reader, to scratch the third eye.  Since I’m currently struggling to keep my other two eyes open (y’know, the real ones), that’s more an enough of an intro…

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  1. May 2, 2011 12:15 am

    Cool! I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming posts !

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