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About Dr Mark Burnley

I’m an exercise physiologist, lecturer and researcher from Aberystwyth, West Wales, UK.  My research has mainly addressed endurance physiology, particularly the kinetics of oxygen uptake during heavy exercise and the physiology of high-intensity exercise tolerance and fatigue.  I’m also the founder of the now defunct Aberystwyth Skeptics in the Pub.  I also consider myself an above average runner, although these days I run for fun rather than competiton.

This blog is about my work, science, pseudoscience and the world as I see and experience it.

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  1. August 29, 2012 1:04 pm

    Hi Dr. Burnley, I’d like to know if you’d be amenable to me reposting your blog vis a vis Dr. Noakes views on hydration? I have an online magazine that would be a nice fit for this blog.
    Jose Antonio PhD

  2. Bonnie A. Johnson permalink
    December 4, 2014 11:30 pm

    Dr. Burnley,
    I am in the process of obtaining my MBA in Healthcare Management. I am writing a review of literature paper about Lance Armstrong .My intent was to base the paper around the facts and repercussions that his scandal has caused regarding his Livestrong Foundation and the public perception of the corporate sponsors that dropped him. I have spent countless hours researching this man. I have read several articles that do not apply to what I am trying to narrow down towards my abstract. One peer reviewed article that stood out was written by Craig S. Atwood and Richard L. Bowen and titled ‘Metabolic clues regarding the enhanced performance of elite endurance athletes from orchiectomy-induced hormonal changes.’ Obviously, you are very intelligent and have much more incite into this matter than I ever could.
    I am not an avid sports fan and do not feel any true sense of anger or betrayal, although I can appreciate the fact why so many people do. This is a huge mess. I look back to articles that students had worked so diligently on from 1999 on and it is a ripple effect that doesn’t have a shoreline to stop it. The diverse amount of people that idolized Lance and the concept that he represented made him a legitimate hero.
    I noticed your response regarding the request to have the previous articles retracted that you helped contribute to. You mentioned that your anger had subsided and the paper should reflect an updated response since the doping allegations were true but that the work was still a relevant and accurate depiction of a dedicated group of researchers that had put together an impressive piece of data.
    I would like to know if the way Armstrong has portrayed himself as less than sincere has had an impact of your disdain towards him as an individual. I understand that you are looking at the incidences from a scientific point of view and do not tolerate ethical violations of any sort. In fact, a close friend of mine works for the Department of Justice and he absolutely feels disgust and even verbally calls him a “smug bastard.”
    I guess the point of my reply, which took me way too long to long to arrive at is there is something that really bothers me. Lance Armstrong did battle advanced testicular cancer. Since choriocarcinoma is proven to be a genetic based cancer it is debatable if any of these enhancement drugs that were taken back in the day could have jump started the angiogenesis that created the defective cells. Beyond the debates, the outcome of that experience is a horrific ordeal that one must face; an epic battle of sorts. Is the scientific world missing something here? He beat it, and he overcame when many others at that phase would not. As an individual who has worked in the oncology field and has observed many patients going through chemo and radiation, the thought process seems to be of physicians trying to bide time for their patients. In our lifetime, what are the long term side affects of chemotheric agents? These substances kill cells…good and bad. The lesions in his brain that he had surgically removed….were they involving areas that affect his rationale and logic? Was he of the mind set that the unknown was not going to sneak up on him again and he would invest in his own research to protect his will to live? I realize that I am starting to sound like a defense attorney for Mr. Armstrong. This does not justify breaking laws and emotionally terrorizing people as he clearly did, and without sincere remorse. At the end of the day this whole debacle is Tertium Non Dater. I read where he was denied to ride in a charity event in South Carolina that helps the ‘Meals on Wheels’ cause. So, he is not allowed to donate to charity? He is not he first athlete that has fallen from grace. He knows that he is done in the cycling profession. So does the world want him to be banished from society? He has 5 children. While I also believe he has to be held accountable for his actions what about society and the press? It is breeding hate and disdain. I turned to Google and typed in “Lance Armstrong Psychological Diagnosis”……did you know that in half of a second, 6,020,000 results came up? Why not just replace the definition of narcissism with his picture? I have these questions and wonder if anyone else has thought that there may be other explanations involved? The other part of me thinks that he is even more well known than he was before and to a true narcissist, he will take pleasure in being the victim and he will be directing his movie and will be redeemed anyway. Only in America…….

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